My new CD with Guitar music by Emily Bear, Albeniz …

titles of my cd
Wenn du willst, kann ich es Dir kostenlos schicken . Gib mir deinen Name und deine Adresse!
im Austausch, bin ich froh, wenn du mir Geld spendest; Danke im Voraus!
si tu veux, je peux te l’envoyer gratuitement. Donnes-moi tes coordonnées!
en échange, je serai heureux de recevoir un don; merci d’avance!
If you want, I can send it to you for free. Give me your address!
in exchange, I’ll be happy to receive a gift, thank you in advance!

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4 Kommentare zu My new CD with Guitar music by Emily Bear, Albeniz …

  1. Michael Corden sagt:

    Hi Philippe,

    I have been following Emily Bear for two years and was searching for anything new of hers on YouTube when I came across your beautiful guitar arrangements of her compositions. I have listened to all the ones you put into the Emily Bear category of your website. They are excellent arrangements and you play them so beautifully.

    If you are still sending out copies of the CD, I would very much love to receive one. My address is: Michael Corden, 166 East 61 Street, New York, NY 10065

    Thank you,


  2. Michael Corden sagt:

    I’ve been enjoying your CD. Of its 22 tracks, 17 are pieces by Emily Bear.
    Your transcriptions of her compositions are lovely.

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